Three Important Tools For The Electrician

Whether you are just starting out as an electrician's apprentice or have fully graduated into a journeyman or master electrician, you need to have the right tools. Not only do the right tools help keep you safe, but they can make your job easier. As an electrician, you will want gloves, wire strippers, and a tool bag.


Gloves are one of the most important parts of working as an electrician. Not only will you be working with electrical outlets and wires, active or otherwise, but most likely also with metal, wood, nails, screws, and a variety of other substances you just don't want on your hands. You will want insulated rubber gloves that protect against electrical shocks and that have been tested within 12 months of your first use, as indicated on the label. Electrician's gloves come in a variety of classes that protect against different levels of voltage, so you will want to make sure you have a pair of gloves with sufficient insulation for your work.

Wire Strippers

One important aspect of electrical work is laying and removing various wires that connect utility lines, outlets, and appliances to each other. Sometimes, you'll need to strip the wires from their protective coating, which can be done with a wire stripper. Wire strippers usually have a range of different wire sizes that you can cut with each one of them, marked by the gauge number on the tool and on the wire's insulation. You can also find self-adjusting wire strippers that require very little range of motion in the hand, and those that also double as pliers.

Knee Pads

One of the best tools for an electrician is knee pads. Trade work of all kinds can be devastating on your knees, and it's not always possible to crouch, squat, or otherwise avoid using your knees. One way to prevent damage to your knee caps over time is to invest in knee pads. These usually have velcro strips and padding that allow for a comfortable fit, and there are thousands of different brands on the market. Your local hardware store may already have knee pads in stock, or you can do some research and find some online.

There are a variety of tools that the average electrician can take advantage of. Of these, three important ones are gloves, wire strippers, and knee pads. Gloves and knee pads are incredibly important for the protection of your health and life, while wire strippers make any job involving wire easy. These tools are necessary for your work as a commercial electrician or electrical contractor.

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