How To Know If You Need A New Electrical Panel

It is vital that you become very aware of the signs that may become present when your home is in need of a brand new electrical panel. This way, you will know that you need to quickly get in contact with a licensed electrician, as this is not a replacement that you can do on your own unless you have the right experience to do so. Some of the signs that indicate a need for a new panel include:

New Appliances Are Being Installed

If the last time your electrical panel was upgraded was back when the appliances in the kitchen were smaller and less powerful, then you need a new panel. You might want to have this done before you go out and order new appliances to be delivered. This way, your electrical panel will be able to handle the newer, more powerful, appliances that will soon be used in your home.

The Breakers Keep Tripping Into The Off Position

If you still have some free space in your current electric panel box, you might be able to have a licensed electrician reroute some of the wiring so you do not have so much pulling electric from a single breaker. Should the electrician explain that this is not possible because of the way your electric panel is currently set up, you will need to go ahead and request that a brand new larger electrical panel is installed. Once this is done, you should not have to worry about whether you can do something such as running the coffee pot and the toaster at the same time without the lights going out.

You Are Using A Lot Of Extension Cords

When you are using a lot of extension cords in the house, it is a sign that you may not have as many plugs as you need. This is a common problem in many older homes that have not had their electrical system updated to meet current codes. If you are experiencing this issue, you will want to hire a skilled electrician who will not only be able to run new outlets for you, but who can upgrade the electric panel itself as well. After all, the more electric you using, the bigger the panel should be. This way, you won't have to worry about overloading any one breaker or causing yourself some other problems that could arise from not having a suitable electric panel.

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