Three Things to Consider When Purchasing a Generator for Your Construction Company

When you own a construction company, there will be times when you need to power your tools, but not have connection with a direct energy source. When working on new builds, especially in rural areas, it can be difficult to get the energy supply you need to power your tools. A great way to ensure that you can always properly power your tools on any job site is to purchase a generator. Use the following guide for a few tips to use when choosing the perfect generator for your business.

Consider the Tank Size of the Generator

When you purchase a gas-powered generator, you need to consider how much gas the tank can hold at one time. You do not want to have to constantly run back and forth to the generator to refill the gas tank. When you look at the generator, there should be a sign or label that tells you how many hours the generator can run before the tank will need to be refilled. The longer the generator can run per tank of gas the better.

Ensure the Generator Has Multiple Outlets

The number of outlets in generators varies from model to model. Since you will have multiple people working on each project at one time, you need to be sure that there are ample outlets available for your workers to use. Consider how many people will be pulling power from the generator at one time and choose one that has enough outlets to support the needs your workers will have.

Consider the Size of the Generator

When you invest in a generator, considering its overall size is important. When your workers are done using the generator, it will need to be secured somewhere to ensure that it is not stolen. This means that it will need to be kept in a tool trailer or in a truck. You need to choose a model that is large enough to supply the power that your crew needs, but small enough to be easily stored in a trailer or a truck when it is not in use.

Take the time to compare the costs for a few different generators before choosing one model to purchase. You want to be sure that it fits your company's needs and budget well before making an investment. Read the directions before operating the generator to make sure that you set it up properly and run all necessary tests before trying to operate it. When researching which generators to purchase, consider generators like the Generac generator.

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