5 Ways The Wiring In Your Building Could Be A Fire Hazard

The wiring in your building, especially if your business is located in a historic building, can definitely pose as a fire hazard, which is important to understand so that you can ensure that you have an inspection done by an electrician. There are many problems with old wiring that can lead to a potentially fire. Here are five possible problems that may be present:

  1. Low Amp Wiring: One problem is that with older buildings, high amp wiring wasn't required since the electricity load was significantly less as there weren't as many appliances that were used in places of business or in homes. If your building has low amp wiring, it can lead to overloading because of all the appliances being run at once, which can potentially cause a fire. 
  2. Tinkered Wiring: There may have been a point in time when the older wiring in your building was tinkered with by someone who was not professionally trained to work on electrical problems. This means that there may be wiring that was not installed correctly or has a poor connection that could potentially cause a fire if it is used. 
  3. Poor Insulation: Insulation that is older can have serious damage that is causing the wiring to overheat, which can cause a fire. This is especially true if the insulation has been damaged so bad that it has allowed pests to chew right through the wire. Damaged insulation can also cause the wiring to become brittle, and thus not able to handle the heat that builds when running electricity through. 
  4. Bad Breaker: The breaker that controls the whole wiring system needs to be up to date and able to handle the wiring that is connected to it. If not, then it's extremely dangerous because the breaker can blow, which can cause a fire. Be sure that you have this inspected on top of the wiring in your building. 
  5. Bad Design: Finally, it could be that the whole design of the electrical system in your building is bad. This means that even when updated, it won't be able to handle the electrical systems properly. In this case, you will have to have the entire building rewired, which is slightly expensive, but is going to save you financially in the future because it can prevent a fire from breaking out. 

When you know these five ways the wiring in your building could be a fire hazard, you can see why inspection is so important and must be done, especially when first moving into the new building. Talk with a company like Bausum & Duckett Electric Company Inc for more help.

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