FAQ About Decreasing Energy Expenses In A House

Did you move into a large house that has led to you having to pay a lot of money on energy expenses? If you are not considering moving again into a smaller home, you might want to think twice about it. There are actually things that can be done to make your energy bills lower than what they are. You can also hire an electrician to perform an energy audit, which will basically let you know if there are any electrical problems in the house that are causing your energy bills to be high. In this article, you will discover some helpful information in regards to decreasing energy costs in your house.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?

During an energy audit, an electrician will basically walk around your entire house to look for electrical problem. For example, he or she might turn the light on and off in each room to determine if there is any unusual behavior from light fixtures. Another service that the electrician will perform is an inspection of the outlets in your house to make sure they are not receiving too much electricity from the electrical panel. The electrical panel will also be inspected to make sure there is no bad wiring or damaged circuit breakers.

How Can Energy Use Be Decreased from Light Fixtures?

If there are any problems with light fixtures going dim or flickering, it points to a repair being needed. You will either have to get the fixture rewired, or replace them altogether. When the fixtures are in good shape, they should stop consuming so much energy. However, you should also be strategic about the bulbs that are used in the fixtures. Replace fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs for a large decrease in energy consumption, as LED bulbs don't produce a large amount of heat that consumes energy.

How Can Windows Become More Energy Efficient?

If there are already energy efficient windows in your house and you want to increase the efficiency, consider putting up window treatments. Keep the treatments closed when you are trying to keep the house cool on hot days. Open the treatments on cold days when the sun is shining through the windows, as it will provide natural heat and save on energy expenses. If air passes right through the windows, you might want to get them replaced with ones that are double pane and has argon gas to block air.

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