3 Things To Avoid When Designing Your New Home Theater Room

If you have decided to turn your spare room into a home theater, you may wonder if there is anything you need to know when designing the layout. If so, read the following three tips on things to avoid during home theater room design.

Underestimating The Number Of Outlets Needed

While looking at the walls of the bare room, you may feel that the number of outlets already present is plenty to run your electronic equipment. However, you do not want to underestimate the number you will need.

You also want to consider the outlets' locations, since you want to be able to plug in your screen or DVD player directly behind the units to keep from having extension cords running along the walls or even across the room. Not only do extension cords create a tripping hazard, they also increase the risk of knocking over the equipment if the cord gets pulled.

For every piece of equipment you have, plan on an individual electrical socket for it. If you are unsure of the number you really need, you may want to consult with an electrician.

Forgetting Surge Protectors For Your Electronics

Since you may be spending a lot of money on your electronics, you do not want to leave them open to electrical damage. Forgetting to have surge protection for your entertainment equipment could leave them vulnerable to electric surges that could fry them, damaging them beyond repair.

Also, many electronic warranties are voided when surge protection is not used. Neglecting to protect your equipment could leave you with an expensive, useless hunk of metal that you will have to replace.

Placing The Screen Too High

Once you have figured out the electrical layout, you may be excited about installing your movie screen or widescreen television. However, plan carefully when you are placing it on the wall to keep from putting it too high.

If you plan on spending a lot of time watching movies or television, having the screen too high could give you tight neck muscles. Also, having the screen placed lower and in the middle of the wall will not leave too much space between it and a typical outlet, which could stretch the cord and damage the wires.

Remembering to pay attention to a few details and avoiding certain mistakes can help you as you design your new theater room. If you find you need to put in more outlets or are concerned about surges that could damage your equipment, you may want to contact an electrician who specializes in designing and wiring home theater rooms to discuss your options.

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