Three Reasons To Hire An Electrician To Set Up Your Home Theater

If you are planning on converting a room in your home into a home theater, you'll likely want to make the space as close to a true theater experience as possible. There are several ways an electrical contractor can help you with this task. Before you attempt to create a home theater room as a DIY project, take some time to consider the reasons to hire an electrician instead.

Lighting Fixtures

One way to create a true theater experience is to adjust the lighting scheme in the room. This may include adding dimmers to light switches, or it might involve more complicated wiring tasks. An electrician can install recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling, and he or she can also add LED lighting strips to the floor, which can increase visibility if you need to leave the room while it is darkened. In some cases, your room might not have the wiring required to support these fixtures, and a licensed electrician can tackle any rewiring work you may need done. For an extra touch, ask your electrician to connect your lighting fixtures to a remote control you can use to power the lights on and off from your cozy theater seat.

Concealed Speakers

Instead of installing speakers on the wall in the home theater, consider going for a more streamlined look by having the speakers installed directly into the walls. There are several different companies that manufacture these speakers specifically for home theater applications, and they eliminate the cluttered look of attaching regular speakers to the wall. Your electrician can cut into your drywall to install the speakers, wire them, and close up the holes to create a sleek, streamlined look for your home theater.

Cord Concealment

Chances are, you won't want the power cords from your large-screen television or other electronic components showing in your home theater room. Your electrician can run wires and install new outlets near where the TV will be placed, and he or she can also run any power cords behind the wall to keep them neatly out of sight. You can also have the cables concealed for any external speakers you use in the room as well.

Talk to an electrical contractor about your project, and come up with a layout and lighting scheme that works for your space. With a few electrical touches, you can create a home theater that you can truly enjoy.

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