Warning Signs That Your House May Be At Risk Of An Electrical Fire

Electricity can make life a lot easier, but there is also the risk of electrical fires. Each year, faulty electrical wiring causes many house fires, some which are very severe. It is essential to know the warning signs of an electrical fire in a home so you can contact a reputable electrical repair service to fix the problem before a fire breaks out. Some common signs that there are problems with your electrical wiring that could cause a fire include:

Circuit Breakers Tripping

A home's circuit breakers may trip from time to time, but if it begins happening often it is usually a sign of a problem. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when a circuit is overloaded-- electrical power is turned off to when the circuits trip to prevent wires from heating up too much and catching on fire. Do not ignore problems with your circuit breakers; contact an electrical repair service promptly and take care of the issue.

Persistent Burning Odor

It is possible for wires to overheat and smolder for days before a fire breaks out. The smell of smoldering hot wires is very distinctive and strong. If you detect an electrical burning smell but can't identify where it is coming from, you need to call emergency services for help. Once a wire is smoldering and incredibly hot, there is no way to know when a fire may start burning.

Discolored Switches or Outlets

If the outlets in your home are discolored or look charred, you have a serious problem. This can occur when the wiring connecting the switch or outlet to the electrical system gets too hot. Do not use a switch or outlet that is discolored or charred in any way, as you may receive a painful and even dangerous shock. It is important to have these types of issues looked at and repaired right away.

Extremely Old Wiring

If you live in a home that is several decades old and still has original wiring, your house is a time bomb. There are many rules and regulations regarding residential electrical wiring today that were not in place in the past, so there is a good chance that if your home's wiring is quite old it is probably not up to code. In addition, like anything else, electrical wiring can get old and no longer work properly. Get several quotes to see how much it would cost to update your wiring.

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