Automated Machines & Equipment: Electricial Upgrades Ideal For Robots & Other Technology

The futuristic world of The Jetsons and other science fiction shows have slowly become a reality in our lives. Machines and electronics like automated vacuum cleaners and talking devices are becoming a normal part of everyday lives. But a majority of these devices are useless without the proper power to keep them operational. This is where a professional electrician can come in. A variety of electrical services and upgrades can make your home suitable for automated machines. By installing the upgrades, the use of these machines becomes even easier and hassle-free for your home. Browse through a variety of upgrades and see how they can be added to various rooms in your home.

Low-Positioned Outlets

A number of home-cleaning robots need access to the floor to properly move and operate around your home. The technology in these robots not only allows them to clean on their own, but many have return modes that allows them to go back to their charging stations on their own. Accessing a charging station can be a lot easier when an electrician installs a low-positioned outlet to home areas. Stretching or danging long cords can be replaced with an easy access outlet that the charging station can easily plug into with little effort. Depending on the style of home and set up of electrical wiring, the outlets may even be installed on the floor of your home. This makes it easy to add the charging station in any room you choose and let the robot do all of the work.

Expanded Outlet Installations

With vacuums, speaker devices, and automated home security, you could find yourself dealing with a maze of outlets and wires. Unplugging and switching outlets can become an annoying problem that happens over and over again. As an alternative, you can have an electrician install expanded outlets in your home. Instead of a standard two outlet receptacle, expanded outlets can feature four to six open ports for plugs. An electrician can ensure that the outlets have enough power to handle items being plugged into all of the outlets. The extra space can make a huge difference, especially when you need an extra outlet for a temporary item like a fan. It also makes it a lot easier to charge your automated items and keep them running without forgetting to change plugs or outlet access needs.

Kitchen Counter Power Strips

The kitchen is a room ideal for all types of automated electronics. Robotic devices can read you recipes, help clean dishes, and be used for a variety of meal preparations. Keeping items limited to specific parts of the kitchen can be annoying and impact the proper flow of the room. As an alternative, you can have an electrician install counter power strips to kitchen areas. This includes spaces like a traditional kitchen counter or kitchen island. The power strips can be installed under the edge of a counter to provide easy access while remaining out of sight in the kitchen. A single strip may include four to six outlets for use with robotic kitchen gadgets.

USB Outlets

A number of new electronics do not need standard outlets to charge and operate. A USB plug can often power these devices and create an easy way to supply power. A computer connection and bulky USB plug adapters can be a hassle to use on a daily basis. As an alternative, an electrician can installed USB outlet ports in various rooms of the home. These ports are smaller than conventional outlets and make it easy to plug in multiple devices for charging. The outlets can be installed on their own or be mixed with standard outlets to give you multiple power options.

An electrician, such as those at Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc, can provide you with upgrade estimates and guidance on the best locations for these upgrades.

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