Bedside Relaxation & Comfort: Electrical Upgrades To Help Improve The Area

If you enjoy relaxing in bed to watch TV, read books, or take naps, then you want everything to be as a comfortable as possible. Along with choosing comfortable mattresses and pillows, there are multiple electrical upgrades that make your bed area more comfortable. By consulting with an electrician, you can have these upgrades implemented into your bedroom area and take advantage of them for daily use. Each upgrade offers more ways to relax and will help you get out of the bed a lot easier each morning.

USB Ports

When laying in bed, it can be a pain to have to get up to access charger cables or other items that are powered by a USB port. One of the easiest solutions for this is having an electrician install USB ports near the side of your bed. As an alternative to using adapters or computers with ports, a USB wall port can be installed like a standard outlet and feature multiple USB inputs. This allows you to plug in and charge devices like tablets and cell phones. It can also give you access to a number of USB gadgets like small USB-powered fans or reading lights. If you share a bed with somebody else, then USB port outlets can be installed on both sides of the bed for easy access.

Light Dimmer Switches

If you like to slowly wake up each morning, then you do not want a light switch that adds a vivid brightness to your bedroom. Instead, you can gradually adjust the lights in your room by having a light dimmer switch installed. A dimmer switch can connect to the overhead lights in your room. It allows you to set the exact brightness that you want to add for your lights. When using dimmer switches, you can have the switch installed right near your bedside area. This allows you to reach across and gradually turn on the lights instead of having to get up and do it with a switch that is far away. Some types of lights may even be compatible with a remote dimmer switch. These remotes allow you to wirelessly control the brightness of the lights from the comfort of your own bed.

Radiant Floor Heating

No matter what season it is, waking up in the morning can be a little bit chilly. One of the hardest parts to deal with is stepping your bare feet onto a cold floor. Instead of dealing with this experience on a daily basis, you can improve your daily routine by having radiant floor heating installed in your bedroom. An electrician can wire and install heating coils that go under the flooring of the room. When turned on, the floors will emit a heat that is comfortable to step on and also fills the room with a nice temperature. Once the radiant flooring is installed, you have the ability to set timers on it. By using the timers, you can have your floor nice and warm for each morning that you wake up. It will make it a lot easier to get out of bed.

Television Input Cables & Outlets

Lying in bed and watching TV can be uncomfortable unless your head is propped up underneath a bunch of pillows. Luckily, there are solutions for better TV viewing. By purchasing products like a flip-out television mount, you can easily watch television in bed without cranking your head or neck. To help with the installation of these wall mounts, an electrician can make things easy by wiring cable connections and outlets directly above your bed area. When these types of television mounts are not being used, the television sits flat above the bed. Instead of running cables all through the room, the upgraded outlet areas will make it easy to stay clutter-free and organized.

Contact an electrician from a company like Advantage Electric to plan out these upgrades and get pricing estimates. Doing multiple projects at once can help cut down on the work and allow you to enjoy your bed even more than you already do.

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