4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Backyard Gazebos

Adding a gazebo to your backyard is a great way to have an additional space to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and have a location that adds both shade and weather protection. Aside from the gazebo itself, there are four different electrical upgrades you can implement to really enhance how the space is used. By hiring an electrician for these upgrades, you can expand the use of the gazebo into both the night and throughout more months during the year. Each of these upgrade designs can work with all types of gazebo sizes and designs that you may have in your backyard.

Gazebo Lighting

Enjoy cool nights outside by having lighting fixtures wired and installed into the gazebo. Adding lights can really enhance the visuals inside the gazebo and you have multiple to choose from when consulting with an electrician on various designs. For example, you can choose to add track lighting around the edges of the gazebo. This lighting allows you to adjust lights and point them in any direction that you choose. A tracking beam can go around the interior edge of the gazebo and feature the wiring on the inside of the tracking mount.

You can also feature a large light in the center of the gazebo. This light can help illuminate the whole gazebo during the night. When the light is installed, it can be set on a timer or have a motion sensor that only turns on when someone is inside the gazebo. This can help save money on your electric bill and provide you with the light only when you need it.

Ceiling Fans

Along with lighting fixtures, an electrician can help you wire and install a ceiling fan on the inside pitch of a gazebo. A ceiling fan can really help circulate air, eliminate humidity, and make the gazebo as comfortable as possible during warm months. A ceiling fan can be attached and wired to remain as clutter-free as possible. If your gazebo is larger, you may have the space for dual fan installations that can help create even more circulation around the room.

Electrical Outlets

Instead of using up batteries or running in and out of the house, adding electrical outlets inside your gazebo can make a huge difference on its use-value. For example, you can use electrical outlets to plug in an MP3 docking station to enjoy some music. The outlets can also be used for small cooking appliances that can help you create some small treats while enjoying the gazebo. Electricians often use metal conduit pipes to run power cables from your home to the gazebo. These conduits are often buried underground so they do not take up space in your yard and can provide you with all the outlets you need.

Heating Elements

The spring and autumn months are often filled with cold days and nights that can make it too uncomfortable to enjoy the gazebo. Expand your gazebo use into the colder weather by having heating elements installed inside the gazebo. Small space heaters can be wired directly to your home, or you can have special outlets installed to help accommodate heaters for just the colder months. Some space heaters may require a three prong outlet to help handle larger amounts of electricity use. It depends on the type of heater and how much is actually supplied by it. By consulting with an electrician, you can ensure that your heater will work in a proper outlet and supply you with the warmth that you seek.

Contact an electrician for estimates on one or more of these upgrades. Each one can make a huge difference on the way your gazebo is used and enjoyed throughout the year.

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