Four Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Playing Backyard Sports

Enjoying backyard sports is a great way for family and friends to bond together. If you want to enhance the way backyard sports are played, then there are a number of upgrades you can install on the exterior of your home. By hiring contractors and electricians for four different types of upgrades, you can really expand the ways games are played in the backyard. These upgrades can apply for all types of sports including flag football, Wiffleball, or soccer. Browse through each one and see how the upgrades can be implemented into your own backyard.

Exterior Outlet Posts

Instead of running extension cords through your backyard, an electrician can install small outlet posts that give you power options for the backyard. These posts run the cables underground and feature a cover that protects the outlet from different weather conditions like rain or snow.

When you have outlet posts installed, they can be used for a variety of automated sport tools. An automatic pitching machine can be plugged into the outlets for both regular baseball and Wiffleball. This allows you or your children to easily practice hitting with controlled speed and pitching locations. Tennis ball launchers can also provide serves on paved areas within the backyard. The outlets make it easy to plug in these devices and use them right away.

Scoreboard Installations

Add a fun novelty to your backyard sports with a scoreboard installation. Scoreboards are a great way to keep track of games. When a scoreboard is connected to your electrical grid, you can easily have constant power and access for a variety of backyard games.

An electrician can also help install a backyard scoreboard with solar panels on it. These panels can power the scoreboard using energy from the sun instead of increasing your own electric bill. An electrician can aim the solar panels in the best position for capturing the most sunlight and providing the most power for the scoreboard.

Backyard Lighting

Do not let the natural sunlight control how long you enjoy sports in the backyard. By having light posts wired and installed, you can illuminate your back yard for hours of fun while playing in the dark. Large light posts can be installed nearly anywhere in the yard. The wiring for these posts can be run underground and connected to outlets or fuse boxes on your home. This allows you to have complete control of the lighting and only operate it when it is needed for playing backyard sports.

An electrician can install the lighting based on the main types of sports that you play. For example, a basketball court will need far less lighting than a large baseball field area. By consulting with an electrician, they can scope out your back yard and create a lighting plan that will have the most effective coverage for your home. Lighting posts may stand on their own and be installed in the ground, or they can be attached to a secure structure like a fence or shed.

Snow Melting Systems

Do not let a few winter storms prevent you from going outside and enjoying some sports. Any type of paved backyard area can have the benefit of a snow melting system installed. An electronic snow melting system uses heating coils that are fused within a section of concrete. When snow falls, the system can be turned on to automatically melt the snow and prevent the formation of ice. These systems are ideal for backyard basketball and tennis courts. It will help eliminate the snow quickly and prevent you from adding things like salt onto the playing surface. This will give you a clean playing area that does not create various tripping hazards.

Contact an electrical contractor to get various prices and estimates on the different installations. If you enjoy a lot of backyard sports with your family, then it is often worth it to have one or more of these upgrades installed.

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